Is tech about to hit a slowdown point?

Is tech about to hit a slowdown point? And possibly the more important question, does technology need to have a slowdown point?

This is something I began thinking about after reading an article from TechCrunch: “Consider ethics when designing new technologies“. This article explained that as technology becomes an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives, ethical issues will result in lack of consumer confidence and therefore a lack of early adopters for new types of tech.

Technology has been progressing at an almost exponential rate in the past few decades. But if it hits a point where not enough people trust the tech to make it worthwhile to produce, will the curve of progress finally start to level off?

If it does, this might be a much needed change of pace for the world as a whole, if not for the tech industry itself. The gap in global equality is already huge, and not only do we have countries unable to compete economically, but there’s a massive social gap too. Technology has brought us together in global communities, but it risks dividing us again with a loss of level communication.


Blogpril April 8th Number Two – Rambling about Wifi, Drones and The World

(I’m writing a second post today to make up for utterly failing the Blog challenge and missing yesterday. This post is a slightly ridiculous ramble that probably needs a lot more work – I have further thoughts and actual research to do on it, so I’ll put this as a start and continue it tomorrow.)

Some things I got to wondering about while I was on a break at work today

I wonder if wifi will ever completely replace phone data/signal? 

I understand that the logistics are this would be hugely complicated. Universal wifi coverage would require grounded point at regular intervals across vast areas of land, including areas where it would be impractical to do so.

But then again you can have wifi from moving objects (in my home city, you can get it on busses, trains etc) so what about a drone network? Obviously this comes with its own set of issues, not least drones falling out of the sky into people’s heads, though I feel that’s simply a matter of improving the technology.

I quickly googled drones and wifi to see if anyone has tried this. It doesn’t seem so, though most drove enthusiasts seem more concerned with the range that drives can receive wifi rather than the range that they can send it.