Blaugust Day 25: Notes from Digital Marketing Stategy Video

I started out by watching a YouTube video: How to Develop a Digital Marketing Stategy and making a few notes from it – these are just from the beginning of it, so I’ll hopefully have more in the near future.

We don’t get digital yet

From surveys, it turns out that only 9% of digital marketers are confident at what they do. It’s a shockingly low percentage, but not surprising. It’s a fast moving world, and a lot of marketing is still trial and error, still anecdotal results. In many ways, it hasn’t moved on from the pre-digital age of print marketing (which we all still do) where the result of leaflet or poster or newspaper ad could be not just unknown but unknowable.

Traditional format brands struggle online 

In contrast, individuals with a social media can have a huge impact – the presenter calls these micro-influencers, which is something I’ve written about before.


Blaugust Day 24: Email Marketing Notes Part Three

This is the end of this particular Highbrow course (part one and part two can be found here and here.) After I did the second blog, I needed to write a little more and make this the first pre-written, scheduled post to cover my time away from 24-30 August. So, the next few posts will also be pre-written, and I’ll be back on the evening of 30 Aug with a topic written that day. 
So onto the notes!

Email Personalisation 

Personalising your email is great, but this goes beyond just putting people’s names in the ‘Dear so-and-so’ bit – although you should absolutely be doing that!

Testing has shown that using the name of a person instead of just using the company name hugely improve open rates, though success can depend on the company and it may be be something to A/B test.

Goals and Analysis

It’s important to constantly look at how your emails are doing – and not just the positive metrics like open and click-through rate. Bounce rates will give you an idea of whether or not the email info in your database is still good, and unsubscribe will tell you if you are keeping a regular readership, or if people are giving up on you quickly.

Blaugust Day 23: #Hashtag10 

So here’s a cool day to mark with a little blog post, since we’re talking about social media – It’s been ten years since Twitter originally began using hashtags to allow people to search and get connected. Hashtags have become such a ubiquitous part of our culture since then.

Here’s the official tweet from official Twitter, also featuring the first ever hashtagged tweet and suggestions that it be used for ‘groups’, clearly a term borrowed from the then already established Facebook, before Twitter had the chance to develop it’s own terminology.

Blaugust Day 22: Building an E-newsletter

In my day to day job, a lot of what I do involves helping to build marketing emails and newsletters.

In fact, I’ve recently been doing an email marketing course, and there’s notes about that in previous posts (and at least one upcoming one.) I enjoy making email newsletters, and I’ve actually just been finishing up one for Manchester Canoe Club (their first one ever, it’s a fun side-project). So I decided to do a little post on email newsletters. Obviously there’s no shortage of info and articles from experts on how to do it well and I’m absolutely still learning some things, but here are a few thoughts.

  • Keep it simple – both in design and in clear information. Most people spend less than a minute looking at an email, especially with the sheer number that most of us get these days. So while it’s nice to have lots of cool designs,
  • As a general rule, I like to build my newsletters – Title, text on one side, picture on the other (going to underneath or above the text on vertical mobile screens). It’s probably a cliche but I’m also a fan of alternating the picture and text in each row moving down, it can look a little stilted otherwise.
  • White space (in moderation) is nice. Crowded is bad. Keep colours to your brand, or keep them neutral.
  • A snappy title is important, but if this is your monthly newsletter, there might be something to be said for keeping consistency, especially if it’s to an audience that you also market to. Quirky titles might work as part of your brand, or they might be better off saved for a special occasion.
  • Lots of links shows that your website/social media etc. is content rich.
  • The best times to send are Tuesday – Friday. A lot of people don’t check their emails at the weekend.

As I mentioned above, there’s no shortage of resources for email building, and this won’t apply to everyone, it’s just a little list based on personal experience.

Blaugust Day 21: Jumping Off Point

This isn’t quite a full blog topic (It’s late, after all) but instead it’s an update moment of where I’m at, learning-wise, and where I’m going. 

My Highbrow course on Email Marketing finished, and my course on Pinterest for Business is still in full swing. I’ve got prewritten posts on those coming out next week, and a little more left to write up for the second one. I’ve also still got notes from the later weeks of my last Future Learn course ‘Why we Post’ in my notebook and I’ll be making it a priority once I’m back to home to write those up and get them posted. 

Elsewhere, I’m still dipping in and out in Duolingo, since signing up in January.  I’m still not sure if I’m confident in my French as I’ve had little opportunity to practice since then, but my vocabulary has improved hugely. 

I was browsing this article on Digital Trends and wanted to bookmark it here for some of the free courses it offers, especially the Udemy course on marketing for online businesses. In fact, I might try working through most of the listed courses as they all sound useful, though if I do, I won’t be necessarily doing blog write ups for everything!

Blaugust Day 20: The Weekly Round-up

Sundays seem to have become my little weekly round-up post day during Blaugust. Also, next week will be a) the last Sunday of Blaugust and b) not a round-up post at all, since I’ll be away from my computer and the internet and dry land (for the most part) and everything will be scheduled.

It’s also nice to be writing this now, as I’ve already done a tech article commentary post, and a course notes post which will be auto posting next week. I’ve finally finished all the scheduled posts that I need, which, incredibly, means that I only have three posts left to write in the next three days, and two when I get back – only five! Blaugust feels like it’s nearly over already, which is almost quite sad. I don’t think I could keep up blogging daily constantly, and typically in the past I’ve ended up ‘resting’ from blogging for a few weeks after Blaugust. Instead I might tail it off over the few days afterwards, trying to make an effort for a bit longer but going back to the usual three or so posts per month.

Also, yesterday’s post was pretty short due to the video content that I was working on, and continued to work on today. So I’m happy to say that both the videos are now finished and up and out there, and I’m pretty proud of how quickly I was able to turn some of the footage around. So here they are:

Blaugust Day 19: Video Work

So this has mostly been my day today:screenshot190817Which is why I don’t feel too bad about not having a proper post topic to put up today. I’ve finished one video (an interview, with plenty of illustrating footage) for the Manchester Canoe Club YouTube channel and I’ve started another, which should be done by the end of the weekend.

Video editing – getting a video or film put together in a way that flows and makes sense, is a hugely satisfying process for me, and as always I’m enjoying it hugely, albeit in short bursts! As a hobby, it’s a great outlet.