Twitter’s new plan and what is missing

A few days ago, I read this article, highlighting the changes that Twitter is making to it’s abuse management and reporting. 

You can read my initial thoughts on in tweet format here:

It is great that a Twitter is taking direct action to improve it’s service, one of the issues is that so far, Twitter hasn’t been much good at enforcing the rules it already had in place. The algorithm for sensitive content and potentially offensive replies seems to work quite well as far as I have found (if somewhat over-zealously at times), so the real issues seems to be human moderation of reported tweets.

Any journey through the timeline of various activists, especially women and POC, will turn up stories from people who have reported graphic imagery, threats of physical violence, personal information and other clear TOS violations.

Since I started writing this, I came across this article from The Daily Beast which sums up one clear issue – if you are famous, if you have a big following, or if you can kick up enough of a stink for Twitter to notice, you have a better chance of getting your issues sorted and harassing accounts or sensitive information removed. Clearly this is a bad way to run a social media platform, and it remains to be seen whether Twitter can implement a culture change within their own company that might help to fix this.


Blaugust Day 30: Back on Track with final Pinterest for Business Notes

Hello again world! Yes, I’m finally back on dry land with internet access and phone battery, and the spell of pre-written, scheduled posts is over. There’s two days left of Blaugust and for this one, we’re back to the final set of notes for my Highbrow course on Pinterest for Business. 
Pinterest Campaigns

  • There are multiple platforms that you can use to schedule content, and in addition to toning posts, you can also ‘loop’ posts, which is a way to bring old content back into the forefront and into relevance. This would be particularly useful to seasonal and holiday-related products.
  • You can also use these platforms to set up campaigns, which is will auto-post to public boards as well as as your own.
  • Looping certain pins around increases their chances of being picked up by a major Pinterest account, and spread more widely, improving your website traffic and hopefully your sales.

 Board Management

  • Over time, your original boards could start to get huge, which makes them less useful to people looking for specific products, so be sure to keep creating new boards and separating different threads.
  • Your links on Pinterest can be via affiliate links, which is another potential income source.

Blaugust Day 29: Pinterest For Business Notes Part Three

This is the final pre-written and scheduled post of Blaugust. Tomorrow afternoon I will be back on dry land, and hopefully able to start writing ‘live’ again. This is also the second to last part of the notes from my Highbrow course on Pinterest for Business. There are still a quite a few emails left to come through, so I will summarise them either as one of the very final posts of Blaugust, or I’ll leave it until September.

Image from

Image Notes

The course had already talked about making images Pinterest friendly in size etc. It didn’t go into much more details than that, but I did find a ‘Pinterest Cheat Sheet’ elsewhere which gives all of the best image sizes in pixel sizing – it’s a really great, clear resource.

Encouraging People to use Pinterest from your own site

  • Make sure that you have plugins installed on your own website to give you the ‘pin it’ button so that people can put content from your website/blog on their own pinterest boards themselves.
  • There are also some free plugins that will ensure that the right description (with the copy that you want people to see) will pull through to Pinterest when people pin your stuff.

The course then recommend using group boards to get your content out in front of people quickly and grow your following (kind of like jumping on a hashtag in Twitter, but much more closely connected.)


Blaugust Day 27: Pinterest for Business Notes Part Two

These are more notes from the Highbrow course – Pinterest for Business. Reminder that this is another pre-written post as I’m still away until the 30th!

Setting up with Pinterest 

  • Have a fairly wide range of content for your Pinterest account- to attract a wider audience – but keeping within your niche/topic. 
  • Create several boards – to divide up your products and your other content such as blogs. 
  • Make sure that the images on your own website work for pins size/style wise, to encourage people to pin it themselves.
  • The course reminds you to be sure to set up your profile properly – basically as far as I’m concerned, you need to make sure your brand is really clear and recognisable as well as consistent, especially once your content gets shared across other boards. 
  • The course also mentions keywords and making sure that when you search keywords relating to your product, you come up. I would recommend doing some research on competitor’s keywords too, to see what they use.

Blaugust Day 25: Notes from Digital Marketing Stategy Video

I started out by watching a YouTube video: How to Develop a Digital Marketing Stategy and making a few notes from it – these are just from the beginning of it, so I’ll hopefully have more in the near future.

We don’t get digital yet

From surveys, it turns out that only 9% of digital marketers are confident at what they do. It’s a shockingly low percentage, but not surprising. It’s a fast moving world, and a lot of marketing is still trial and error, still anecdotal results. In many ways, it hasn’t moved on from the pre-digital age of print marketing (which we all still do) where the result of leaflet or poster or newspaper ad could be not just unknown but unknowable.

Traditional format brands struggle online 

In contrast, individuals with a social media can have a huge impact – the presenter calls these micro-influencers, which is something I’ve written about before.

Blaugust Day 23: #Hashtag10 

So here’s a cool day to mark with a little blog post, since we’re talking about social media – It’s been ten years since Twitter originally began using hashtags to allow people to search and get connected. Hashtags have become such a ubiquitous part of our culture since then.

Here’s the official tweet from official Twitter, also featuring the first ever hashtagged tweet and suggestions that it be used for ‘groups’, clearly a term borrowed from the then already established Facebook, before Twitter had the chance to develop it’s own terminology.

Blaugust Day 18: Browsing Hootchat

I always try to follow #Hootchat each week to get some new tips on digital marketing. The official Hootsuite account puts out a set of questions each week for their followers to answer and discuss.

I’ve also been using suggestions from this blog to try and get more out of Hootchat. Although I haven’t been participating, it’s been if nothing else a great way to find other, interesting Twitter accounts to follow and potentially network with. 

Also, while we’re on the topic of Hootsuite etc, this was a really useful blog post from them about the best way to create Twitter polls that will engage followers.