Hello Blog, here’s an update post

This is probably going to be a short and rambling chunk of blogpost, mostly because I missed writing things and wanted to get something up on my blog in advance of my next FutureLearn course starting.

My workplace has been going through one of its busiest periods, and on top of that we had an emergency situation which meant doing a lot of press and social media work. If nothing else, this really taught me the importance of taking proper rest periods and getting away from work emails, social media etc enough to let your mind relax.

Outside of my day job, in the near future (probably from next week) I’ll be working on some front-end web design for a local music group, and getting back into keeping up with digital trends and innovations and making sure to get my thoughts down in blogpost form!

Back to Social Learning

I’ve been doing Future Learn free online courses for a few years now and I’ve been documenting them on here, but it’s been a while since I’ve started one and I suddenly got a bit of the bug again. I’ve signed up to a slightly different  course from the usual ones that I do, but one that I think will help in the future – Intercultural Communications.

This course is intended for people going to study or work abroad, but it also looks at variations in cultural behaviours and communications which I think could be really useful in the future. However, it doesn’t start until the end of April, so like all FutureLearn courses there’s an option to introduce yourself to the other learners, which gets you used to the social and discussion aspects of the course. On each section in a FutureLearn course, there is a discussion section and this is considered to be an essential aspect of the learning process. However, with a few exceptions there is no requirement to partake, and it’s perfectly possible to be an entirely passive reader/watcher on the course.

There’s nothing wrong with this, and you still definitely learn things, but it’s something that I’ve been guilty on my last few courses, and looking back I would have benefitted from being a part of some of these discussions, as they often do help to bed a subject more firmly into my brain. So I’ve written my introduction, and by the time the course starts I’ll have made an effort to comment on a few other people’s, just to get me back into the swing of it. Then, of course, I’ll have my notes (and maybe some my comments) up on here!