Getting started on PRINCE2 Learning

At the start of the year, I mentioned that I would be working towards a PRINCE2 Project Management qualification this year, and I’ve started to read through the two introduction books that I bought. I’ve decided that I will also get the a proper copy of the official manual, it’s quite expensive but I do find it easier to read and make notes on a physical copy of a textbook.

At the moment, I’m reading the books through on my kindle and putting in highlights. Then I plan to go back through, take those highlights and make my own annotations around them, which I’ll then put up here where I can check back on them regularly to ensure that I still know the details. I’ve said this before but this is where I find that my blog really helps with self-study. If other people might be reading my notes then I have to write and explain them in a way that should makes sense to them, and will therefore for sense to me when I come back to them!

Anyway, I’m a little way into PRINCE2 Made Simple: Updated 2017 Version and the first thing I’m definitely learning is that project management is all about a clear process, with steps laid out where you check in and make sure that the project is still meeting goals and still viable.

The book does keep stressing that this is mostly common sense – of course you go into a big project with laid-out plans in place, but also it shows how a lot of projects can go wrong when you aren’t strict enough about checking back and revising the plans. Projects can go over budget and there has to be a point where you either revise the plan, or cancel it before it goes to waste. A lot of this can be human error, because who wants to admit to their bosses that estimates are wrong and costly mistakes have been made? But if there is a process like PRINCE2 that tells you, yes, you have make a report at this stage, and you have include all of these details, then errors can be corrected much more easily.

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