Where things are at – Extremely quick post!

So, I’ve been about a month in my new marketing job, which has been a fantastic experience so far. There’s a lot to work on, and much like my previous roles, I’m not planning to talk much about the particular details of my job. But I’m very happy where I am, and so I realised I have some more time to work on blogposts!

I’ve started to look through some stuff on Codecademy again, starting over again with their Intro to HTML. Having been an admin for several more websites since I last tried to complete courses on here, I’m already finding the course easier to work through because I have better context for the code itself. It feels good to have a structured course to work on again as well, and especially one that goes right back to understandable basics. I’ve only ever done coding in bits and bobs and fumbling through stuff until it works, so I’d like to make sure I have a firmer basis.

Honestly, that’s about it for me! Mostly, I’m trying to exercise and get outside a lot. The only realistic way to get to my new office right now is by car so I’m having to make sure I walk to places and exercise more.