It’s December – somehow…

So, we’re into the darkest part of the year, which means that I’m spending more time sat inside and less time out and about, so until it gets a little warmer I’m determined to spend a bit more time writing for this blog, even if it’s not anything deep or exciting. So we’ll start with as much of a life update and reflection on the year as I can put on here.

Most excitingly, I bought an apartment of my own this year. I realised back in January that this was something I could afford to do, but unlike renting actually buying property is a complicated business. Several offers fell through, several estate agents messed up and some places turned out to be extremely not as advertised… and once I had an offer accepted it was a further five long confusing months before I had the keys to the place. It has been a huge step in life, and one that I know I’m very privileged to have been able to make in the current economy while still in my twenties.

To be honest, other things I’ve done pale a bit in comparison to that, though I’ve made some exciting career steps and been to some important networking events. I haven’t made as much time this year for personal study, though I’m keeping up with French lessons on Duolingo, and got to do a great Futurelearn course on museums that I’m hoping will stand me in good stead to things to come. I’m planning to change that next year, and look at some more formal courses including possibly a PRINCE2 course in Project Management.

Elsewhere, I’m going to put aside some time in 2019 to do more videos for Manchester Canoe Club and for myself, which will also mean more travelling, and more effort to document those travels either through video, photography or the written word. In recent years I’ve shied away a little from putting too much of my life out online, but I can’t deny that it gives me a lot of opportunities to do creative work. Even little edits like this skiing video (which came out in July…) are a source of enjoyment, and since I’m not in any way interested in viewer numbers, I know I’m putting them up for myself plus family and friends, rather than some kind of Internet Points.

Sorry, that went rather off-topic! I’ll think we’ll leave it here for today, and see where we’re at next week.