#Blaugust – What’s next?

I’ve just paid for the certificate for my most recent Future Learn course – ‘Museums as a Site and Source for learning’. I haven’t done my usual round up post for all of my course posts, but here they are:

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m not going to jump straight into another course just for blog content, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Future Learn courses. Meanwhile, the next thing is to start committing myself again is Duolingo French. I’ve been at it on and off since January 2017, (blog post here!)

I’m also (hopefully) about to be finished on buying an apartment, so once the dust has settled on my bank account I’m going to start saving up for some solo travelling. Therefore, I’ll be posting a little bit during Blaugust about the start of some travel plans, as well as the usual social media commentary, some tech stuff, and hopefully more book recommendations too.


One thought on “#Blaugust – What’s next?

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