Blaugust – How much longer is Facebook worth it?

A few days ago, a work colleague and I were having a chat about social media plans for the company going forward, and how we would be segregating certain content between Facebook and Instagram.

I started to realise that the entire model of Facebook is aging, particularly the newsfeed, which at the most basic level hasn’t changed at all since the mid-2000s (and from a design perspective, it is starting to look quite ugly compared to the streamlined approach of more recent platforms). Yes, they’ve introduced stories in Facebook, basically having moved the idea wholesale over from Instagram, but I would be curious to know how much it is used. At the moment, Instagram is the big new frontier for content and marketing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if more and more resources starting being put into it over what is now clearly the predecessor platform.

It will be interesting to see if, in the future, social media continues on this generational cycle, and another app replaces Instagram – which will then be immediately bought out and monetised by Facebook (who will still be the parent company, even once Facebook itself is truly dead!)