#AMAConf Prep Part 2 – What I’m up to

The Arts Marketing Association Conference starts this evening, with socials and networks before the actual sessions, workshops and keynotes which get going tomorrow. I’ve tried to book as broad a range of sessions as possible, and I’ll be planning on making plenty of notes. There is a heavy emphasis on the concept of ‘play’ in this conference, both in terms of encouraging arts audiences to be creative and interactive, and encouraging organisations to be more creative, open and flexible in their approach to marketing, especially in the current difficult economic circumstances (yes, I am absolutely talking about Brexit, and I fully expect that to come up quite a bit.)

So, these are the session that I’ll be going to (this is also a reference for myself, in case I misplace my diary!) I’m particularly looking forward to the Wednesday session on crisis management, and the Thursday session on rebranding, as these are two situations I will no doubt encounter later in my career. Also, the City of Culture panel is going to be very interesting, in covering a city-wide set of activities with both successes and failures.

Wednesday 25 July

  • Art Happens with Art Fund — playing with crowdfunding
  • Keynote — The Power of Play
  • Crisis Management — Colston Hall’s name change and how to manage a PR crisis
  • Playing with Fear — From Bystander to Ally
  • Creative Fundraising — spotlight on the North West
  • Keynote — Play and the Oxygenation of the Workplace

Thursday 26 July

  • Keynote — Putting Play at the Heart of Your Brand
  • The Brightest Heaven of Invention — rebranding Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Working Together — Shared Ambition panel
  • City of Culture 2017 — a 365 day experiment
  • Keynote — The Joy of Missing Out

Elsewhere, I have a fun evening tonight with friends and former colleagues at the Culture Calling social, and a visit to the Liverpool Philharmonic on Wednesday. Also I booked a hot yoga session first thing Thursday morning – we’ll see if I regret that one…