Google for Business Notes

What I’ve been up to for the past few weeks…

So off the back of my last Future Learn course on Digital Analysis, I’ve started a new similar one, though it mostly goes over material that I’ve done before as in the Learning Online course, so this time I’m not going to put notes online for it.

However, I have been taking some time to watch some new Google for Business videos on YouTube, and I have a bunch of notes from the one below which that I wanted to get up here.

Google search – Making use of all your business tools

As a business, you should aim to be found locally. Optimise for mobile – 80% of all Google searches are on mobile and is no divide by age etc. anymore. Everyone is using mobile.

  • Your site needs to be speedy. Searches need to be quick paced or you will lose people mid-search.
  • Check your keywords – are you set up to be easily found.

People like to buy from/work with local businesses and this is why ‘Google my Business’ is really important as it shows you on maps and on reviews which really affects how people find you.

  • Google posts put direct info to customers
  • People live online and need live updates
  • This also improves your organic search

You will need to verify and take control of your listings

  • It’s better for you, better for customers, better for Google too
  • Ensure it suits your brand and is consistent with your tone of voice
  • Original content in your Google listings will help with all this

Put the most important info first on your site – think hard about heading and title.

  • Small image files for quick load times!!

Vision, Purpose, Value, Passion

Are these four things communicated in your site?

Remember who your target audience is, how will they search your site?

Important details for a mobile site

  • Small dropdown
  • Big buttons
  • Easy search system – make it clear and simple
  • Form filling out needs to be simple and easy on a small screen
  • Test your site for speed