Blaugust Day 21: Jumping Off Point

This isn’t quite a full blog topic (It’s late, after all) but instead it’s an update moment of where I’m at, learning-wise, and where I’m going. 

My Highbrow course on Email Marketing finished, and my course on Pinterest for Business is still in full swing. I’ve got prewritten posts on those coming out next week, and a little more left to write up for the second one. I’ve also still got notes from the later weeks of my last Future Learn course ‘Why we Post’ in my notebook and I’ll be making it a priority once I’m back to home to write those up and get them posted. 

Elsewhere, I’m still dipping in and out in Duolingo, since signing up in January.  I’m still not sure if I’m confident in my French as I’ve had little opportunity to practice since then, but my vocabulary has improved hugely. 

I was browsing this article on Digital Trends and wanted to bookmark it here for some of the free courses it offers, especially the Udemy course on marketing for online businesses. In fact, I might try working through most of the listed courses as they all sound useful, though if I do, I won’t be necessarily doing blog write ups for everything!


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