Blaugust Day 20: The Weekly Round-up

Sundays seem to have become my little weekly round-up post day during Blaugust. Also, next week will be a) the last Sunday of Blaugust and b) not a round-up post at all, since I’ll be away from my computer and the internet and dry land (for the most part) and everything will be scheduled.

It’s also nice to be writing this now, as I’ve already done a tech article commentary post, and a course notes post which will be auto posting next week. I’ve finally finished all the scheduled posts that I need, which, incredibly, means that I only have three posts left to write in the next three days, and two when I get back – only five! Blaugust feels like it’s nearly over already, which is almost quite sad. I don’t think I could keep up blogging daily constantly, and typically in the past I’ve ended up ‘resting’ from blogging for a few weeks after Blaugust. Instead I might tail it off over the few days afterwards, trying to make an effort for a bit longer but going back to the usual three or so posts per month.

Also, yesterday’s post was pretty short due to the video content that I was working on, and continued to work on today. So I’m happy to say that both the videos are now finished and up and out there, and I’m pretty proud of how quickly I was able to turn some of the footage around. So here they are:


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