Blaugust Day 11 – Links Round-up and Thoughts

For today’s post, I had a bunch of a interesting links, but I didn’t think that I had enough thoughts on each one to create an entire post around it. So here’s two different interesting stories with my own annotations.

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I’ve been using SoundCloud a lot more lately, particularly for listening to podcasts since my phone decided to start having problems with downloading them. I’ll admit, I personally don’t use it as a site for new music in the way that I do with Spotify – another site that struggled with profitability at first and only started to think about profitability late last year. However, most of my music friends have used it as an online portfolio – as did I as a music student. We use SoundCloud extensively at work for musical clips to advertise concerts and event to a potential audience – it makes for great content. It’s a fantastic site and I’ve glad that investors have stepped in to help it continue, but despite the obscene amount of wealth in the tech start-up industry, they can’t keep doing that forever The problem is that the free version of SoundCloud is almost too good. There isn’t enough incentive for most people to pay them, and asking users to pay for previously free content can be an issue. It’s a tricky situation and one that I hope they can find a way through, as SoundCloud is too good a platform to lose.

I’ve got less to say about this link but I did want to highlight it here, because it suggests that video streaming has hit a similar point to where audio streaming was ten years ago, when laws finally started to come in regarding how streaming could be used streaming technology had progressed to the point where lots of companies could create their own proprietary platforms. It didn’t work for music companies and it likely won’t work for video companies, so it may present a crossroads for the industry as a whole.