Blaugust Day 10: Everyone wants to be an Orginal (Video)

Let’s face it, off the back of YouTube’s astonishing success in the past decade or so, video content is now considered king of the internet, and every other social media platform has had success with short form videos – leading to platforms like Vine (RIP) and Snapchat being entirely based on it. 

However, Vine is now deceased, its technical if not social function swallowed up by Twitter, and despite it’s quick growth Snapchat remains a small, niche part of the overall market share.

So Facebook (including Instagram) and Twitter host a vast amount of popular video content between them. YouTube, meanwhile, has put millions into investing in long form content, eventually beginning to create it’s own, original TV-style shows via YouTube Red, plus rentable films etc. 

YouTube Red is in it’s early stages, but it is unsurprising that Facebook would also want to get in on the act, with a series of original shows that they’re calling ‘Watch’. Of course, Facebook has the money to experiment and the ready audience, but I have to wonder how interested they will be, unless Facebook can get some prestige television on board (as the linked article suggests) or at the very least, lure YouTube stars away from their platform permanently. Other platforms have tried with this method before – such as Snapchat, and as that linked article also suggests, it seems like the wider audience isn’t quite there, yet.