Blaugust Day 9: Twitter Followers and Engagement

I’ve been reading up quite a bit lately on Twitter engagement, and trying to figure out what some of the best metrics and the potential issues are.

Your follower count is great for a first impression of account health and growth, but how useful is it, really, when it comes to potential promotion?

A YouTuber that I follow recently commented that less than 5% of her subscribers actually watch her videos, which looking at her stats also suggests that on popular videos, a major proportion of her viewers aren’t her subscribers, they’ve arrived at the videos via other means.

Likewise, a significant amount of Facebook and Twitter reach and engagement can come from users not directly in your network, especially with the non-linear timeline that both platforms now use. Of course, those followers definitely do contribute to reach/engagement and are also often instrumental in getting you out to others, but they aren’t a guaranteed measure of a successful campaign.


Also entirely off topic but this post I’ve been reading recommends keeping local copies of all blog posts and important social stats. It’s a good idea, but I remember how long it took me to export my blog for marking back when it was a university project (turns out I’d written over 11k words in three months) and I can’t imagine how much I’ve done since then!