Blaugust Day 7 – State (of the) Internet 

If privatised internet doesn’t work, what are the other options?

Last night I was reading this article about how Google was recently fined a massive amount  (though actually not a large amount for Google, a company with the GDP of several countries) by the EU for preferring it’s own shopping service over other companies in it’s search results. But unless Amazon decides to launch it’a own search engine – amazing that they haven’t done that already, what can anyone, even any multi-international trade bloc, actually do about it? Google pretty much owns the internet now, and regulations for one country or part of the world aren’t enforceable in another.

The problem is that the alternative – nationalised internet, would actually be a worse idea. There are various activist groups, lawsuits and organisations all over the world trying to stop Governments dictating how people access the Internet. Basically, it’s an incredible complex issue that no-one can solve. We want and need accountability, but there’s no perfect solution for for who Internet users would and should be accountable to. Even a United Nations of Internet type situation probably wouldn’t work, though it might be closer to ideal than what we have right now.