Blaugust Day Six: It’s been one week…

Day six (seven including the pre-post) of my third Blaugust challenge, making a real effort to write and post every single day.
Already it’s been much easier to post when it’s a part of my daily routine – I’ve been writing the posts whilst on the train to work in the morning, and in that situation, with a mostly undistracted  twenty minutes to half an hour, I was able to put out the first few days of posts very easily. The weekend is much harder, simply because once I’m out of my regular routine, I’ve almost forgotten on both days.

I made a vague plan for a week’s worth of topics, so that once I got on the train each day I knew exactly where to start. In the main I’ve managed to keep to that, so once this post is done I’ll have to come up with a new set of ideas. I’ve also got the first pre-written post done for my time away (24-30 August), so overall, I’ve pretty happy with my output so far.
Back tomorrow for more Blaugust!