Blaugust Day Five: Email Marketing Course Notes Part Two

These notes are a follow up on this post, in which I’m putting together notes what what I’ve learned from my latest Highbrow course, in this time is about effective e-marketing (I do a lot of email marketing in my job.) Once again I’m binge reading the emails from Highbrow rather than going through them day by day as the course intends you to, but that seems to working for me at the moment. 

Email Engagement

If you want people to take action – visit your page/buy your product, you need to be:

Clear and compelling—clear enough to understand and compelling enough that people will act. That goes for both your email copy and your subject lines.

The course makes the point it’s important not to be misleading, especially in the subject line. A ‘click bait’ email title might lead to more clicks, but it won’t make customers trust you and your database might drop off pretty quickly.

Inside, the email needs to get to the point pretty quickly, because it’s wise to assume in this day and age, people have a lot of emails to go through and you’ve only got a couple of seconds to grab their attention before they click onto the next one.

Some Design Essentials

  • Make sure that it’s mobile friendly
  • Make sure it has options for forwarding and sharing via social media (most email services such as MailChimp have built in options for this)
  • Make sure font is easily readable and ideally at least 12 point
  • Also one that wasn’t mentioned in this course, but one I’ve always worked on in email marketing: make sure the plain text version of your email is readable and isn’t missing important info (remember graphic text/banners etc won’t show up). It’s likely that only a tiny portion of your teases are using plain text – the first e-newsletter I managed had a 1-2% plain text readership, but in a large database that could be quite a lot of people. Fixing up your plain text version only takes a few minutes, after all, once it’s part of your regular email-building plan and routine.

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