Blaugust Day Two: Email Marketing Course Notes

A few days ago I signed up to another Highbrow course, this time on Email Marketing techniques. In my usual fashion, rather than reading one email pre day as intended, I’m bingeing a couple of them on the way to work, which does allow me to make some notes for today’s blog post. 

Email Data 

Your email database is your greatest asset, but it can also get out of date very quickly, as email addresses fall out of use or get closed. Combined with the natural unsubscribe rate, even a large database can disappear quite quickly. So you always need to be increasing that data. 

(Slightly off-topic but I wonder how many email addresses the average person goes through in their life? I suppose we’ll need to wait a while to find out, since email addresses have not yet existed as long as the average human lifespan. Also this report suggests that the average person has ‘1-2 addresses’ and in the cases of people with two, there’s basically the one they read and the one they don’t, which also explains why so many marketing emails and e-newsletters disappear into the void.)
Email Content 

It takes more than one email to build up trust with a customer, especially if that’s all they are getting from you (I.e., they aren’t getting direct mail, calls etc)

A lot of people aren’t necessarily interested in buying your stuff right away, you need to make them interested in you as a company. You need accompanying content alongside your selling points. You also need content that answers any questions a potential buyer might have about your product.

Visuals and video are a lot more memorable than text (sad but true 😢) 


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