Blaugust Day 21: Jumping Off Point

This isn’t quite a full blog topic (It’s late, after all) but instead it’s an update moment of where I’m at, learning-wise, and where I’m going. 

My Highbrow course on Email Marketing finished, and my course on Pinterest for Business is still in full swing. I’ve got prewritten posts on those coming out next week, and a little more left to write up for the second one. I’ve also still got notes from the later weeks of my last Future Learn course ‘Why we Post’ in my notebook and I’ll be making it a priority once I’m back to home to write those up and get them posted. 

Elsewhere, I’m still dipping in and out in Duolingo, since signing up in January.  I’m still not sure if I’m confident in my French as I’ve had little opportunity to practice since then, but my vocabulary has improved hugely. 

I was browsing this article on Digital Trends and wanted to bookmark it here for some of the free courses it offers, especially the Udemy course on marketing for online businesses. In fact, I might try working through most of the listed courses as they all sound useful, though if I do, I won’t be necessarily doing blog write ups for everything!

Blaugust Day 20: The Weekly Round-up

Sundays seem to have become my little weekly round-up post day during Blaugust. Also, next week will be a) the last Sunday of Blaugust and b) not a round-up post at all, since I’ll be away from my computer and the internet and dry land (for the most part) and everything will be scheduled.

It’s also nice to be writing this now, as I’ve already done a tech article commentary post, and a course notes post which will be auto posting next week. I’ve finally finished all the scheduled posts that I need, which, incredibly, means that I only have three posts left to write in the next three days, and two when I get back – only five! Blaugust feels like it’s nearly over already, which is almost quite sad. I don’t think I could keep up blogging daily constantly, and typically in the past I’ve ended up ‘resting’ from blogging for a few weeks after Blaugust. Instead I might tail it off over the few days afterwards, trying to make an effort for a bit longer but going back to the usual three or so posts per month.

Also, yesterday’s post was pretty short due to the video content that I was working on, and continued to work on today. So I’m happy to say that both the videos are now finished and up and out there, and I’m pretty proud of how quickly I was able to turn some of the footage around. So here they are:

Blaugust Day 19: Video Work

So this has mostly been my day today:screenshot190817Which is why I don’t feel too bad about not having a proper post topic to put up today. I’ve finished one video (an interview, with plenty of illustrating footage) for the Manchester Canoe Club YouTube channel and I’ve started another, which should be done by the end of the weekend.

Video editing – getting a video or film put together in a way that flows and makes sense, is a hugely satisfying process for me, and as always I’m enjoying it hugely, albeit in short bursts! As a hobby, it’s a great outlet.

Blaugust Day 18: Browsing Hootchat

I always try to follow #Hootchat each week to get some new tips on digital marketing. The official Hootsuite account puts out a set of questions each week for their followers to answer and discuss.

I’ve also been using suggestions from this blog to try and get more out of Hootchat. Although I haven’t been participating, it’s been if nothing else a great way to find other, interesting Twitter accounts to follow and potentially network with. 

Also, while we’re on the topic of Hootsuite etc, this was a really useful blog post from them about the best way to create Twitter polls that will engage followers. 

Blaugust Day 17: Learning to advertise with Facebook Messenger

Today, I’ve been reading up on Facebook ads that take you to FB’s messenger service as a destination – which of course is an option to set up on Facebook ads manager as alternative to an external link – so it’s something I’ve seen plenty of times but never had occasion to use.People who click through not only get an automatic chat conversation opened with your page, you can also choose an opening message, plus link and/or image or video. This sets up the opening tone, and makes sure that the user immediately gets something to start a conversation with. 

It’s a great idea, providing you are advertising a product that you won’t be overwhelmed with requests for/about. In messenger moreso than public posts, people tend to expect an immediate and personal response. 

Blaugust Day 16: Travel of the Future

There’s always plenty of articles floating around about the potential new and futuristic directions of transport. As a daily commuter (by train 😞) I always enjoy reading them, so here’s two recent ones that I particularly wanted to share. 
The hyper loop as a theory has been around for gases, but incredibly it seems like it might be a reality one day soon. Even if it comes from Elon Musk, a man of of occasionally questionable principles, and seems like sci-fi nonsense, it’s also coming from the mind of the man who created Space X and made private space flight a reality at a time when state funded space programmes were declining. (For the record, I am deeply disappointed with advances in space flight, and if we can’t have interstellar travel within my lifetime we’d better at least land on Mars.)

In terms of urban public transport (i.e. often the bane of my life) the technology described in this article is pretty cool, especially in terms of using space above the road!

Fundraising for Willow Wood Hospice

Willow Wood Hospice is a fantastic charity that does incredible work to help people with life-limiting illnesses in the Tameside area (google maps link for non-North West people – it’s a big place). I had the privilege of volunteering there in 2014 and I’ve seen first-hand the hard work that the staff put in and the difference that they make. My mother has also worked there and every day she has some new story – some sad, some happy and some straight up inspirational. Hospices are so much more than where ‘people go to die’ – they are rehab, support networks, therapy and a million other thing, and yes, at the end of someone’s life they are the experts in pain-free dignity, for patients and for families.

Willow Wood depends on charitable donations to keep going – it costs over two million pounds a year to run. So I’ve agreed to jump out of a plane for them on 16 September 2017 (sidenote, I have never been skydiving or anything like it before. Also the costs of the skydive are on me, and on the skydiving company. All money goes towards Willow Wood.)

I have a fundraising page here, and I would love it if you could give even the smallest amount.

You can find out more about Willow Wood at their website, as well as on Facebook and on Twitter (maybe follow them too..?)

Lastly to say that I’m super grateful to the people who have already donated, thank you very much xxxxx, and if you’re reading this now, just sharing my justgiving link or this post can help, and even £1 towards the fund would be amazing.

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