Pre-Blaugust: Setting the Boundaries 

So, this is the third year of doing Blaugust, which means that by the end of this month of posts I’ll have written close to 100 challenge posts (containing who knows how many thousands of words.)

Last year I took the ‘super-organised route and wrote posts in advance, actually beginning slightly before August. This year, I’d like to keep more within the spirit of the challenge and try to write every day. The problem is that between 24-30 August, I’m working with The Rona Sailing Project and likely to be without time and internet. Therefore, posts during those dates will be advance material and labelled as such. 

I also have some notes from a June -July Future Learn course (‘Why We Post’) which never made it into post form. I’ll be posting these notes, but they’ll be secondary posts and won’t count towards the challenge. I also have a new course starting this week- notes and observations from that will count.

Finding a topic and time to write every day is going to be difficult, and I suspect that some posts will be shorter and less well written than I’d like. Regardless, I believe that publicly trying and failing should be part of the learning process when it comes to putting out content quickly. So we’ll see how it goes!