Set Reading for 2017

I started this post with the intention of making a fairly traditional list of resolutions for 2017, but as soon as I started working out what to write I was embarrassed to realise that a lot of them would be the same set of promises that I make myself every year: write more blogs, produce videos again, produce music again, be more creative, more productive etc. etc. While I do usually manage some of this, I also never progress as much in one year as I would like, and I think that might be down to promising myself that I will do these things without actually planning for how it’s going to happen.

I really want to push on with my blog in 2017, to prove my knowledge of digital content and social media and try to advance my career further. Last year I got a lot out of FutureLearn courses, not just from reading the course content but from exploring the content through my blog. So my first goal will be to read more relevant articles around social media, marketing, business etc. and then try to comment on what I’ve read and/or save important quotes to my blog. I’ll be scanning the below sites on a regular basis for interesting articles to read through and write about.

I’ll also look around for other places to read up, and possibly do an update post to this with good sites that I’m using.


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