A Useful Links Round-up for Social Media

Recently I’ve started to try and follow more social media expert accounts and blogs, so I’m making a short list on here of good articles that I’ve found in the past few days. 

There might be a couple on here from Hootsuite, because unsurprisingly their blog is pretty good. This one is kind of lengthy, but it’s a comprehensive glossary of social media jargon. Also, did you know that the correct term for a hashtag is an Octothorpe? I can’t imagine busting that out during the Monday morning marketing team meeting…

This post from Socialquant covered some stuff that I’ve talked about before, like choosing social media platforms carefully etc., but I like that it makes one point very clear – people go online to be entertained, so make your content at least interesting, and if possible funny.

This post about content re-using was interesting to me as it’s something that I do a lot at work, and do try to plan for. I work in live music, so bringing back concert footage as a #tbt or #otd tweet years later, or when an artist that we’ve worked with previously returns is useful and engaging content filler for us.

Another Hootsuite post – on the best times to post, is one that I’m going to be returning to quite a few times, as that is something that I’ve often felt has been a bit of a stab in the dark for me sonetimes, and while through experience I suspect I get it right most of the time, it’s helpful to have access to statistics that can help you plan. Also, slightly depressing fact:

Despite Twitter’s move to a quasi-chronological timeline, the average half-life of a Tweet isn’t long. According to an analysis by Wiselytics, it’s only 24 minutes.

Time is fleeting on Twitter, so don’t spend too long worrying about the tweet content – it’ll be gone soon.*

*unless you made a typo. People love to point out typos from a professional account. So, try not to do that…