Some Digital Marketing Notes

I’m currently working my way through another FutureLearn course – this time on digital marketing. Rather than summarise what I’ve learned each week, I’ve decided to cherry pick specific concepts and topics to write notes on.

Digital Marketing and Listening 

One of the most important parts of digital marketing is to be always listening to your customers, because they can communicate with you instantly and expect that back. Also to understand anything about your customer, and that they, their opinions and their needs may change very quickly, so you need to anticipate responding to them in a different way each time.
Of course, despite knowing all this it’s a bad idea to over communicate with a customer/client and appear to know too much.
(Some personal thoughts- examples of this might be companies that search their name on social networks such as Twitter to find users discussing them/complaining about them when not directly addressing them, or companies that search users interacting with rival companies in order to advertise their own services. This can be deeply intrusive and reflect badly on the organisation.)