Future Learn: Sharing Online – Reflecting and Sharing Week One

The University of Leeds runs a frequent series of courses on FutureLearn about different facts of online learning, and how to improve your learning experience. While I’ve been learning online for quite a while, I’ve always meant to go through these courses and see if there is anything that could help improve my experience, so I’ve started with the ‘Reflecting and Sharing’ course, to see what they recommend.

It was nice to have the first week of the course recommend things that I already do – like this blog! I was also reminded of the use of Padlet, which I still have on my phone after initially writing about it, but haven’t used much since. We were asked to upload a picture to the course padlet – any picture, so I quickly woke my cat up for this beautiful webcam image… she wasn’t really impressed…

The course also recommended listening to or even starting a podcast – full confession, I’ve harboured podcast ambitions for years but probably not for this. It reminded me to look again for some business studies podcasts as they would be a good learning experience while commuting/travelling. It also recommended this book – Study Skills Connected: Using Technology to Support Your Studies, which I’m intrigued by and might look out for.

This is a two-week course, and I’m excited for next week’s section as it involves a written exercise. I’ve already been scanning ahead in the course material and hopefully I’ll have something to contribute.



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