Social Media Content, Tone and Audience

      A few days ago I started trying to write a blogpost of issues with the idea of ‘tone of voice’ when creating online content, especially on Twitter, but I struggled to articulate my ideas somewhat, so I’ve shelved that blog for now. However, whilst writing it, I came upon this recent blog from Adobe ( – I’ve been reading their blog posts a lot recently and they’re a pretty good resource.) 

      The post mentions that you need to ‘Create Content With the Customer in Mind’. This leads me on to another thought, what do you do when your audience is segmented? This must be a fairly common issue. Do you segment your social media channels to make one tailored towards one audience and one to another? This doesn’t strike me as a great plan, so there needs to be a way to balance voices that speak to different people on the same channels. Doing this needs a level of planning, so that it doesn’t seem uneven over time, and a careful understanding of audience. 
      Basically, this is something that I’m looking at for the organisation that I work for, as their social media network expands. Mainly, I’m looking at planning and arranging pieces of content so that the tone doesn’t appear uneven, and that while it is aimed at different audiences, it isn’t too disparate, and above all, follows a clear brand guideline for certain wording.


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