Goodbye Vine? Quick Blog Thoughts

Just wanted to throw out a few quick thoughts about Vine being shut down: this Guardian article is a good starting point if you’re not fully up on the situation.

In some ways, this was always bound to happen with a major social media platform, just by the nature of the system that these grow out of. Like so many other apps, Vine was a fantastic app idea, funded by investors and sold to a major company once the userbase is big enough. But then it has to be in some way profitable. Squeezing adverts into social media has always been a problem, and often done fairly ineffectively (and can frequently end up annoying users.) There’s only so long that Twitter could have supported Vine unless it started to make a lot of money (plus Twitter hosted video is a lot better than it used to be, and Periscope is still very much the ‘new big thing) so it’s not surprising that despite millions of active users, although a lot less than in previous years, that they’re made the decision to cut it off.

In terms of creative content, it’s a huge loss for a great many people. The six second looping format encouraged some fantastic ideas to take root, and not just spontaneous viral stuff either – there were some very complex ‘six-second films’ on there, and many brands also put a lot of work into advertising content. It has also at times been a vehicle for sharing powerful images of social change or unrest, though Periscope has definitely taken over that to a large extent. I’ve written quite a bit about Vine in the past, and it partly inspired my Master’s Degree dissertation, so I’m quite saddened to see it go. Not to mention, there were a were a lot of online creators making a living from Vine content, and moving to a new platform will be deeply difficult.



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