Blaugust 28 – Using Padlet

During my Future Learn Smart Cities course, we used a system called Padlet to upload image and make notes on activities. I’d only used it in the browser version (there is a app, which I’ve been using since.)

It did feel slightly like a virtual classroom environment, as people chose a space on the pad, and wrote in a text box and/or added links and images which the rest of the users could see, as if they were all displayed on a classroom table (without the potential peer pressure and judgement of being around actual other people) but I didn’t expect to need to use it outside of Smart Cities or other similar courses.

However after glancing through some of the emails I’ve had from Padlet (see, email advertising – it does work!) I’ve not only discovered plenty of free and potentially useful content, I’ve also realised how it could be useful to me as a note-taking and sort-of rough blogging platform in the future.

I’ve been reading some live blogs that have been end via Padlet from conferences, where one person is writing up the content and others have been able to pop in and make comments or suggestions. As I (hopefully) move back into more formalised learning, I will be able to put up rough lecture notes – the stuff that I probably wouldn’t put up here without serious revision.


One thought on “Blaugust 28 – Using Padlet

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