Blaugust 27: Learning via Email

So this is a different way of learning. Instead of being signed up to courses, for the past few days I’ve been signed up to a short email course from Highbrow. There are free courses on all kinds of topics, but I decided to stay on this month’s theme of learning for my professional development, and picked a course on creating better Facebook post content.

The site makes you choose just one course at a time, which seems restrictive, but really it’s forcing you to completely focus on the content, rather than signing up to lots of courses at once and splitting what little time you might have for it.

Anyway, onto the notes that I need to remember from this course (a lot of it was reinforcing what I already knew, but there were some very good tips.)
Course Notes from the First Few Days 

  • 1.65 billion people use Facebook monthly (I’ve talked about Facebook numbers before, here)
  • On a post, your profile picture is your ‘business card’. It needs to be instantly recognisable and changed as little as possible.
  • Your cover photo, meanwhile, is more like a advertising banner – you can change it often to reflect new content, for example if you are selling a product it would be a good place to talk about offers.
  • Post updates should be short and concise – the shorter it is, the more traction it will get (personally, I find that this can depend on your audience, but it is sound general advice.)
    On trends – many social media trends are predictable – they rely on seasonal events, sporting events, news cycle etc. So if you’re creating content off the back of this, keeping up with Google trends is a good idea.

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