Blaugust 26: Google Business Video – YouTube for Business

This will likely be the last Google for Small Businesses video that I look at for Blaugust, though I’m going to continue looking at them and posting about them as there are other similar videos on social media for business.
This one looks at using YouTube to grow your business and these were my main take-away points and notes from it.

– You don’t need a large-scale professional to get started if the content is good.

– The biggest viewing age-group on YouTube is 18-34, but 34-49 is also 20% of the viewers.

– 90% of people shopping online find an online video helpful when making a purchase.

– When doing video ads, because of the skip option, the best ads are those with the logo/brand name and a bold visual statement at the beginning.

– (This is something I remember from going to Google Digital Garage) people are going on YouTube to look for tips, using it as a search engine, so how-to videos can be really major.

It wasn’t mentioned in this video, but I remembered that another really important tip from Google Digital Garage was that at the end of the day you are using these videos to sell a product or service. So it’s not necessarily about how many views you get, it’s about finding your niche where interested people will see your videos and be encouraged to become customers.


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