Blaugust 23: Studying Twitter Insights

In my current role, I been using Twitter Insights pretty frequently. I usually do a weekly report on the organisation’s Twitter Insights and Facebook insights, with a roundup of the figures, what has/hasn’t improved and why (for example, spikes in reach or followers due to a particular tweet or post.)

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But I tend to only look at the basics, and Twitter Insights go far deeper than that, even though they are generally far less clear and accurate than Facebook. So I’ve been looking at some online articles to see what info I could be gaining and using from Insights.

This post from Buffer gave me some really good ideas. I hadn’t really considered checking the follower breakdown by region in order to decide when is the best time to schedule posts – if a lot of people from another time zone are following you, then you should make sure to schedule tweets for them to increase engagement.

Also, the explanation of how to find your ideal length of Tweet was a really good tip – it’s down near the bottom of the article. Basically, I was struggling to find free ways of Tweet analysis nowadays (as I mentioned in this post). But by downloading your recent tweets as a spreadsheet, you can then use the following equation:

 To find this stat, you’ll need to add a new column to your spreadsheet.

Create a new column, and copy this formula into the cells:


(Change “A1” to be the cell that contains the tweet text.)

The above formula will give you the character count of the tweet (including the shortened URL).

To get the word count, try this formula:

=IF(LEN(TRIM(C2))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(C2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(C2,” “,””))+1)

(Quoted directly from the article)

You can then make a graph comparing this to the engagement rate. I’ll definitely be trying that out at work!


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