Blaugust 22: Where to go next

So far, most of my blogs this month have been about or inspired by courses from FutureLearn, and even the other post have been about learning, particularly from the Google Small Business YouTube channel. This blog began as a University project and I’d like to continue to make it a learning and self-improvement experience as we go into the final week of Blaugust and beyond, but I’ll be looking at other ways of learning and development.
Firstly, I’ve signed up to a course from Highbrow. This website provides free short courses divided into tiny sections which are emailed to you over a couple of days, the idea being that you can read an email on your commute or on a work break, and fit your learning into a busy schedule. I have signed up to ‘How to Create Stunning Content on Facebook’ which seemed like a useful one for my job.

Of course, with the course content of each day being so short, it’s unlikely that I’ll be writing a post based on it everyday, so I’ll probably take notes and do a few roundup posts instead. If it’s good, I’ll carry on with other course from Highbrow in the future.

Alongside this, I’m looking at some free courses on the Open University’s OpenLearn. Unlike FutureLearn, these courses are less interactive as they don’t run on specific weeks. Instead they can be worked through at your own pace, and started/finished at any time. The only problem is deciding which one! I’m torn between doing something that will improve my career knowledge, and doing something completely unrelated that will stretch me in other ways, and I suspect that I will end up doing both kinds of course.


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