Blaugust 18: Social Media Analysis Course – Conclusion

This was definitely a great continuation of my last Future Learn course (Understanding Social Media). It was more practical than I expected, which was great, learning to use Tags and Tableau was a great help. I haven’t written a post specifically about Tableau but I probably should!
I’ve wondered before about the best ways of working with massive amounts of Twitter data, since it’s not something I do on a regular basis (the research/work I do can be managed with standard Twitter/Facebook insights for the most part) and many of the tools that used to exist in the earlier days of Twitter have been discontinued, though I did get to revisit some such as Wordclouds.

The theory stuff was really interesting too, as it brought up some studies that I worked on during my postgraduate degree (where this blog started!) and introduced some interesting critiques of specific studies and the limitations, even of studies with massive amounts of data, in representing the Twitter landscape.

I moved on from this to another Future Learn course on Big Data to learn more about how to handle large amounts of info, and I’ll be going back over both this course and the Understanding Social Media course to ensure I’ve really covered all of the angles, particularly when talking about nodes and connections between Twitter accounts.


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