Blaugust 16: The Context of Twitter Research

How many Tweets is ‘a lot’?
This was a question posed by some related reading of my Future Learn Social Media analysis course.

Even after ten years of the platform, a relative measure is hard to work out, especially on a still- growing platform. The fact is, we still just don’t have enough data sets to create a standard metric against which future studies can be based. Most studies want to look at specific hashtags, but these need to be looked at in the context of a wider range of data.


Of course, what that wider context is might change depending on your study, and indeed would change your study – would you, for example, want to look at the #Blacklivesmatter hashtag (the subject of several academic studies) in the context of all tweeters who are geographically in the US? Or all people tweeting about America? Or tweets about police? The Twitter context could end up having a major effect on your results and conclusions.


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