Blaugust 13 Part Two: Smart City Education

The last part of my Smart Cities course highlighted projects seeking to improve understanding of digital and data literacy, data literacy being defined as:

  • The ability to use data as part of complex reasoning
  • The ability accurately to critique and interpret data in order to ask and answer meaningful questions.

These give schools access to the open data sets available from smart city projects, as well as ways to use them in the curriculum for meaningful projects such energy-saving.

At the moment this idea is being tested in a small number of schools in the UK, but if rolled out on a larger scale it could herald a massive change in education in this country. I’m actually kind of jealous of kids who get this opportunity! I was fairly digitally literate from a young age, but it was only once I reached my twenties that I suddenly had to think critically about the networks I used and their data potential. 


One thought on “Blaugust 13 Part Two: Smart City Education

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