Blaugust 11: Reacquainting myself with Twitter Graphics

As part of my social media analysis course, we looked at how to map and visualise social media data, which is something I looked at during my Master’s degree, but haven’t had the opportunity to use since. There are a number of common, ways, including word and tweet clouds, and mapping networks.

There are plenty of applications and websites that will produce Tweets clouds for free – in the past I have always used Wordnuvola, so I got this graphic from there.

I also gave a go. This produced the following graphic of my tweets in the past year.

It had problems generating further back than that even though I am not a particularly prolific tweeter. Wordnuvola takes a while to produce a graphic but as it tweets it to you, you don’t have to keep a browser open for it.

Finding other good visualisation tools was harder than expected. The twitter landscape has changed a great deal, and many that I used to be familiar with were out of date, especially with changes in the Twitter API.

I’ve also been looking into Tableau as part of my course, which has been a useful programme to learn.


3 thoughts on “Blaugust 11: Reacquainting myself with Twitter Graphics

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