Blaugust 10: More Smart City Week 5 Notes

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Amsterdam was used again as a case study due to the many smart projects being developed in the city; a list of them can be found here:

The smart city lab: is very similar to several projects in Manchester where people can get involved in projects as a hobby, but also contribute meaningful work and data. In that respect, it works on more than one level, as it fulfils a health and wellbeing need that many people in modern cities lack.

We then compared a number of smart city initiatives in Birmingham, UK, Chicago and Dubai, which, though very different cities in geographical area, economy and culture, all shared certain important views on education, environment and community within a smart city.

I like that these are all very wide-ranging strategies, not focusing on one particular technology, or improving only a few aspects of city life. It shows the serious commitment necessary to make it work, and an understanding of how every part of a smart city needs to be interconnected.

Some parts of this section of the course referenced the ‘Role of Standards in smart cities’ which can be found here: I’ve downloaded it as related reading.

Hypercatcity is also a really interesting site to look through – it is a consortium of ‘a group of 40 UK-based tech firms that aims to create an inclusive one-stop shop of best practice on the IoT implementation.’


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