Blaugust 7: Thoughts on ‘Managing Social Posts for your Business’

I’ve been continuing to try and develop my marketing knowledge a little through videos from the  Google Small Business YouTube channel. One of the most recent ones I watched can be found below.

My Thoughts whilst watching.

I definitely agree with everything that’s said here – especially the stuff about having a personal touch. People prefer to engage with a real person. Obviously, as a company grows and becomes an overarching brand, this becomes harder. Some companies get around this by having the staff member currently running the Twitter account announcing themselves – especially for a heavily client- facing brand. I think in the B2B world small businesses might be less inclined be overly personal, though in that situation I still definitely think content curation ‘sharing interesting articles’ is a great tactic to be using.

Another point is the ‘different tone’ for different platforms. I thought this was a little bit overgeneralised, though of course it’s only a three minute video! Platforms like Twitter and Facebook can’t be generalised when as they have such a diverse range of people using them. You have to look at carefully at your particular audience before working on your online tone – sometimes it might be the same across different social networks.


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