Blaugust 5 – A Connected Household Future

A little while ago, I posted a blog on smart household devices. Today I wanted to share a few thought I had how these might develop into entire smart connected households.

In my Smart Cities course discussions on The Internet of Things, I posted this comment.

Earlier in the course, we talked a lot about open data and open software. I follow a number of programmers and software devs on Twitter who are interested on IoT, and have hacked their smart devices to create custom home networks. If coding starts to become something more commonly taught in schools across the world (which I know a lot of governments are very keen on), maybe in a few decades, it will be pretty standard for households to build their own efficient networks, adapted to the people that live there. Of course, upcoming smart devices will need to not be too locked in to propriety software, I guess.

I know that systems already exist for multiple household items, as well as heating, lighting etc. to be integrated, if it’s possible that in the future, households will be able to entirely customise their smart homes to suit their own particular needs. Much of the OU’s smart cities course has focussed on how smart technology needs to focus on energy-conservation and lowering pollution for a more sustainable future, and customisable smart homes would be a good step towards that.


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