A Round-up of my #FLSmart16 Posts

The following post is an aggregate of all the posts that I have written so far for The Open University course Future Learn: Smart Cities.

I’ll be continuing to post blogs through the last week or so of the course and probably slightly beyond, so I’ll be updating this post to reflect that.

Future Learn: Smart Cities Week One

Smart Cities Week 2: The Real Challenges Facing Us

Smart Cities Week 3 – The Internet of Things

Smart Cities Week 4: Civic Hacking

Blaugust 2 – Gamification for Good

Blaugust 4: Smart Cities Week 5 – Project Leadership

Blaugust 5: A Connected Household Future

Blaugust 6: More Internet of Thing – Thingful and Manchester Smart Car Charges

Blaugust 9: Bio Light Trees

Blaugust 10: More Smart City Week 5 Notes

Blaugust 13: Smart Cities Week 6 -Evaluating a Project

Blaugust 13 Part Two: Smart City Education

Blaugust 19: Smart Cities Course – Conclusion



3 thoughts on “A Round-up of my #FLSmart16 Posts

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