Welcome to Blaugust (Year Two!)

Incidentally, I’m writing this in my phone notes and it is already able to autocorrect to ‘Blaugust.’ I finally taught my phone a made-up word!
So this year’s Blaugust does actually have some real planning behind it since it’s now an annual thing rather than a snap decision after seeing people tweet about it. My FutureLearn courses will be a fair amount of the content, at least in the early stages, as well as responses and notes on Google for Business videos. 

It’s possibly cheating but I’m preparing a lot of the content in advance, in order to try and keep up the quality. Basically I will be writing almost every day, but not always for that day’s post. I’m also away for a few days early on, so I’ll have those written up well in advance and scheduled just in case.

Mainly, this year I’ll be focussed on short, concise single topic posts or sets of posts that try to cover my current self/ directed learning and interests (with perhaps a few random ones thrown in!)

So, let’s get started…


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