Future Learn Social Media Analysis Week One: Using TAGS

Alongside my Smart Cities course, I’ve started another short Future Learn course on Social Media Analysis to find out more on how to break down social media data, particularly Twitter, and gain better insights than those usually provided. I started this course a little late, so this is info from Week One although the course is now into Week Two.

The first thing I needed to know how to use was TAGS, which stands for Twitter Archiving Google Sheet, and allows you to set up and run automated collections of search results from Twitter. I could immediately see the benefits of this – especially in real time data tracking that in the commercial world you would definitely expect to have to pay for!

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 18.39.39

For the purposes of this course, I’ve chosen to follow the #ESOF16 hashtag which relates to the EuroScience Open Forum, solely because it’s being used right now, it’s for an event in my home city so the tweets will be more understandable and it’s got a lot of fringe events which might have their own trackable hashtags.

I started by using the terms ‘ESOF16’ and ‘Manchester’ to find all tweets which contain both of these terms. After a short period (in TAGS, you can specify the maximum number of tweets or a specific time period, so that if you are looking at a very popular search term you wouldn’t end up with a ridiculous amount of data) it gave me the number 1840, which I could view in raw format in another tab of the Google Sheet.

In my next blog post about Social Media, I’ll be covering my research questions for the course and how I’m planning to potentially further analyse #ESOF16.



2 thoughts on “Future Learn Social Media Analysis Week One: Using TAGS

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