Future Learn Social Media Analysis Week One- Putting together a Research Question

For this course, I needed to choose a research topic to work on. I was originally going to choose #ESOF16, but the course recommends using a Tweetset with at least 50,000 tweets in it, and I’m not sure that this particular hashtag will reach quite that many tweets.

So for the purposes of this course I’ve decided to use the hashtag #PokemonGO, since I’ll need a set of data collected over the course of a day or so using TAGS and it will definitely had had plenty of recent Tweets. However, I still wanted to get my original research idea up on my blog, as it’s something that I might want to return to in the future, or adapt over the next few days for this new data.

I wanted to look at which hashtags or terms commonly overlapped with #ESOF16, and then see how those terms might be used away from #ESOF16, in order to create an interlinked picture of particular hashtags and the communities within them.



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