Learning about business on Google Hangouts

As part of my push at learning online, as well as taking some Future Learn courses (I’m part way through Smart Cities, and about to start a two week course on social media analytics) I’ve also started watching some video about business methods to try and expand my knowledge on commercial practice. The first one I’ve watched is this Google Small Business Hangout with a staff member from Etsy, discussing sales fluctuations throughout the year and how to prepare for them in advance. They also discussed what to do in lower sales periods – taking that time to develop new products and branding, and the importance of really  researching your  potential customers so that you can find your niche in the market.

While in my current job I’m used to seasonal supply and demand, the particular pattern to an extent unique to the sector that I work in, (except for Christmas) so it’s useful to get a wider perspective on how other businesses might plan and operate their marketing strategies.