An Observation – Facebook Campaigns in the Past Few Days

Last week, while checking on a Facebook campaign that I was running, I noticed something odd. The campaign had done extremely well up until Friday 24th June, then suddenly reach dropped off. The ad still seemed to be doing well in terms with engagement with those that saw it, but the ad simply stopped doing well.

I adjusted a few options in the demographics and set it going again, but initially the ad carried on doing badly. I contacted someone working in marketing for another organisation in the same sector. Had they seen any oddities in their Facebook ad campaigns? The answer came back -it was hard to tell due to the timing of them starting and finishing, but overall there had been a trend of under-performing ads over those past few days.

My ad was already beginning to pick back up by this point and went on to be a pretty successful campaign but I needed a way to explain the dip. Now, what very important event happened on Friday 24th June that might have been discussed enough on social media to start to affect the algorithms, especially in Manchester? Oh, that’s right. The EU Referendum.

It would be interesting to know whether this was the result of other ads suddenly being put up that were outbidding mine, or simply from there suddenly being so much more content on Facebook.


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