Back to Video Editing 

Last night, I was downloading some footage off my sisters GoPro, I was reminded that I started to edit a video of some of our skiing trips. I loaded up the project, and was immediately reminded of how much I used to enjoy editing. After working on that project a little more, I went rummaging through the dark corners of my PC’s hard drive, and was reminded of how much different creative stuff I used to do. Photoshoots, Photoshopping, music, and videos. I found an old file of vlogs from my masters degree, and they weren’t anywhere near as cringy as I thought they might be. I could even be tempted to make more! (Maybe). 
So I’ll be revamping my defunct YouTube channel at some point soon (especially if the weather continues to be as wet as it currently is) and throwing up some videos, just for the fun of making them, and to whip my editing skills, such as they are, back into shape. 
One of my video problems has always been that while I enjoy editing I feel I’m less good at actually having an initial idea and filming it, which is something I would like to get over. So for the time being I’ll be looking back over any remaining old video clips on my computer, and seeing if there is anything that I can do with it.