#FLSocialMedia: Week One – Essential Microblogging and Twitter Presence

As I explained in my earlier blog – I am currently taking an online course through the Open University’s Future Learn called the Power of Social Media. I’ve gone through the Week One comments, and made sure to leave comments on each of the course pages, as well as making my own notes. I’ve typed up some of those notes below, but first, I want to outline some thoughts about improving my Twitter presence, which is one of the aims for the course.

Back in university, I went though a stage with Twitter where I set myself a goal of finding and posting three interesting articles or videos per day. My aim was to curate, via my feed, a good stream of content that others would find useful. After a while, this fell by the wayside, but not for lack of interest or laziness. I started to worry about the worth of my content. Was I bombarding my followers with useless links and clogging up their feeds? Was I posting too much ‘outwards’ and not engaging enough with others?

Of course, looking back these were silly things to worry about. If people didn’t like my content, they could unfollow or mute me. And it doesn’t really matter how much I do and don’t engage, because that should come naturally, if it comes at all. There is no one ‘right’ way to use Twitter.

One comment in Prof. Dame Wendy Hall’s video really stuck out to me ‘Microblogging is an essential activity today.’ She is entirely right, and so I will make the effort to micro blog via Twitter. I’ll bring back posting those articles, and commenting on them, and focus on the curation of content again, as a way to build an interesting Twitter account.

Now, onto my notes about the course:

RSA Animate Video: Aristotle came up with The Tree of Knowledge – mapping every connected part of science and nature, but the world is too complicated for trees.

Organised Complexity, meanwhile, is a better description – everything is connected, but not in a logical, branching out manner. Branches need to connect back in as well as out (this is a Rhizomatic structure.) It’s a lovely description of Twitter in particular. I’m often been surprised to see ‘oh, x person knows y person via some other person who isn’t connected to me at all’.
The small world phenomenon
Funnily enough I wrote the sentence above before getting to this part of the course! It shows that while we think of social media as being universally connected, its really just lots of little networks of people who may or may not have some overlap.



2 thoughts on “#FLSocialMedia: Week One – Essential Microblogging and Twitter Presence

  1. I need to take a solid course in poetry. To be able to create a twitter comment that is solid reminds me of how powerful phrases like “a stitch in time saves nine” or “a penny saved is a penny earned” (good ole B. Franklin) which nails the intention powerfully. So much of my response effort is scatter-shot without working on shaping the words themselves!

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