Getting My Interest in Digital Culture back on track with Future Learn

It pains me to say it, but Blogpril was a failure for me. I’ve been scrolling back through my posts, and even before I gave the challenge up I was disappointed at the content. Compared to Blaugust, my work was short, under researched, and forced, as if I was really groping around for something to say. It didn’t in any way revitalise my blog in the way that I hoped. There were a few good ideas and comments in the mix, and I’m certainly not going to take them down, but overall I’m not happy with my recent work here.

So, I’ve decided to take this blog back to it’s roots – as part of my academic progress. I’ve enrolled on a two week course from Open University’s Future Learn called ‘The Power of Social Media. Actually being part of a learning community has definitely already revitalised my interest in digital culture. I like that the course encourages people to use their comments section, as I’ve missed having other people’s insights on these topics, and getting recommendations for good resources.

I’ve also finally admitted something about my social media usage – not just to myself but to the rest of the course as well. This is the comment that I made:

I have found that in the past few years, I have become more of a passive user of social networks in my personal life – reading much more, but posting much less. This started around the time I began running social media accounts on behalf of the companies I work for. It means that while I am immersed in social media on a daily basis, my own online presence has steadily decreased. I have definitely lost some professional connections and perhaps opportunities, so I would like to look at how I can improve my social engagement back to what it was, and perhaps further it.

This is my goal from now on, particularly on Twitter, and also probably on LinkedIn. I intend to make a real effort to engage with the #FLSocialMedia hashtag, and to get as much from this course as I can.


One thought on “Getting My Interest in Digital Culture back on track with Future Learn

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