Blogpril 20th -Mini-mini Blog

The daily blogging seems to be hard this week, as I’m getting into the home stretch, and I’ve only myself to blame for that. However rather than spending my train commute trying to get down words of a piece of private creative writing that I’ve been working on for months, instead I’ve been trying to get down blog ideas, which perversely has led to me thinking about new ideas for my creative writing. Once April is over I’ll be rewriting the whole thing. Procrastination is a wonderful thing…

Meanwhile, whilst not blogging this evening I watched the first part of the 1980s TV adaption of the James Clavell novel Shogun, which was a lot less dated than I expected, mainly because of it’s focus on actually casting Japanese actors, instead of of the past and present Hollywood trend of ‘any Asian person will do’ (or, inexplicably, Scarlett Johanson.) It’s sad that I was so impressed with Shogun for this, and really hammers home how far the film/TV industry still has to go – we might ridicule yellow face as a thing of the past, but it’s only been replaced with clever prosthetics and CGI.


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